King Abdullah II bin al Hussein

The management, which can achieve the goals in the least time, it is prudent management, which is based on the creation of specialized institutions that work as one team, and provide leadership and fair and efficient management, offering the public benefits over any other consideration, the Justice Initiative and creativity.

His Majesty.

King Abdullah II bin al Hussein


A leading Jordanian Bank in achieving resilient and sustainable development.


Providing banking services, credit facilities and technical support to customers to create resilient and sustainable development in accordance with best practices.

Core Values
Core Values

1. Integrity: Dedication to work and no bias, preserving the public interest, public money, and giving priority to serving the public interest.

2. Institutional governance: Developing an integrated and effective framework that ensures integrity, transparency, accountability and compliance with laws and regulations and promotes trust among human resources, customers, stakeholders and society as a whole

3. Excellence and Leadership: Developing new working methods to excel in institutional performance, and continuously improve the Bank's work

4. Social responsibility: Contributing to sustainable development and encouraging and managing the Bank's work in a way that makes a more positive impact on municipalities and local communities

5. Equality of opportunity: fair and equal decision-making in dealing with all stakeholders at both the internal and external levels.

معالي رئيس مجلس الإدارة وعطوفة المدير العام
معالي توفيق كريشان
Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of local administration, Chairman of the board of directors
H. E. Tawfiq Kreshan
In accordance with the vision of His Majesty King Abdullah II and the directives of the wise government, the bank always seeks to promote local development, digital transformation and institutional performance development, which contributes positively to customer satisfaction, starting with the adoption of simpler and more efficient procedures in addition to facilitating the service delivery process. The bank has
General Manager of CVDB
Osama Al-Azzam
In" cities and villages Development Bank", we look forward with hope and optimism to upgrading all the services provided by the bank, especially electronic, through continuous and diligent work on developing the features of the bank's website, through which we seek to provide the necessary tools and means of communication to spread and exchange knowledge, in order to enable the bank to communicate with In order to
The types of loans available
منح جاري

Debtor grant

Short term facilities
تسديد التزامات

Investment loans

Projects that raise revenues, reduce expenses, or provide job opportunities
قروض خدمية

development infrastructure projects

Paying off obligations Paying municipal obligations

Payment of Obligations

Interest-free loan repayments
Activities and events
Khalil Abu Aboud discussed ways to cooperate in the field of financing investment projects at Al Bayt university, especially the commercial city
The cities and villages Development Bank, in cooperation with the Ministry of local administration and the French Development Agency Project
Providing more than one loan pavement to several routes in the northern governorates