The cities and villages Development Bank, in cooperation with the Ministry of local administration and the French Development Agency Project, organized a workshop on investment plans for the municipalities of the central region on Monday. The head of the public relations and media unit at the bank, Khalil qutayshat, told the Jordanian news agency (Petra) that the participants in the workshop were executives, employees of the municipalities of the central region and a group of employees specializing in investment and development units. Randa Hamdan, the instructor at the workshop, stressed the importance of preparing municipalities with clear plans of action for the investment projects they wish to establish, in order to achieve added value for sustainable development, in addition to the importance of empowering municipalities in the field of preparing economic feasibility studies for these projects to ensure optimal utilization of available resources. Dr. Mahmoud Ahmed, the bank's liaison officer with Agence France-Presse, said that the development bank looks forward to transferring the best international experience in investment operations to municipalities, by finding the best ways to use available resources and attracting the private sector to participate in the investment approach, which benefits the municipal and local community. Hassan Jabr from the Directorate of the banking department pointed to ways to strengthen municipal leadership, keep abreast of the development and investment industry developments, enhance competition and meet the challenges witnessed in the development work. Rania Al saraira from the Finance Directorate said that the workshop addressed several key challenges facing investment in the municipal sector, in addition to highlighting promising investment opportunities , attention in investment and ways to stimulate it