Khalil Abu Aboud discussed ways to cooperate in the field of financing investment projects at Al Bayt university, especially the commercial city project in cooperation with Mafraq municipality, and reviewed the investment projects that the University seeks to implement to serve the University and the local community to achieve development in the region and to create a qualitative shift, networking with Mafraq governorate and Development.

Dr. Al-Atoum said that the establishment of these development and service projects is a service to the University and the country to remain for future generations and their developmental impact is reflected to serve the community and to advance the University and the city of Mafraq and its surroundings, calling on all Mafraq municipalities to cooperate and

Aboud praised the investment projects that the university intends to establish, indicating the bank's readiness to cooperate in the field of establishing the commercial city and studying the subject in addition to supporting other investment projects through the work of the necessary studies to benefit from these ambitious investment projects.

The mayor of Mafraq, Amer al-daghmi, said that the municipality seeks all its efforts to cooperate with the University and benefit from the investment projects carried out by the university to achieve the desired benefit for the development of the region and networking between the two sides.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Omar al-ateen, vice president for investment Affairs, Dr. Aqab Al-Rabee, vice president for Academic Affairs, Assistant president for Development Affairs, Mr. Muqbel Al-Sharafat, director of City Development Bank, Mafraq Branch, Dr. Mohammed harahsha, Dr. Mahmoud Ahmed, financial expert at cities and villages Bank, and director of Public Relations, Dr. saail Al-daghmi.