Partner Type
The first criterion : the level of the bank's cooperation with a partner
All forms of communication with the bank are responded to quickly commensurate with the importance and necessity
The second criterion : the level of development on the bank's services that affects the excellence of partner services
There is progress in the level of service provided to partners and customers (filling financial statements electronically)
The third criterion: the level of efficiency of the performance of bank employees, the direction of assuming their responsibilities and dealing with partners
The ability of the bank's employees to perform their tasks efficiently, which is reflected by the partner's access to the required service
Fourth criterion: level of transparency /value added
The bank is characterized by clarity and accuracy in its statements
The bank is distinguished by the presence of value added (services that are distinguished from other service providers of partners)
The fifth criterion: environmental field, efforts to reduce the inconvenience and negative environmental impacts caused by the bank's business
The bank has the ability to minimize the negative impacts of services and projects