We hope to give the bank a few minutes of your time to fill out the questionnaire, which will reflect on the development of the bank's work performance and the upgrading of the services it provides to the employee

Personal Information

First section: work environment
Do you find your work influential and meaningful to you
Do you have the opportunity to evolve
Do you feel appreciated for your work
Does the bank provide you with the necessary tools and technology to perform your work
Do you share your superiors details of the work in a timely and comprehensive
Do you think that the incentives and rewards given to you reward your performance
Second section: Regulations and instructions
I have a full knowledge of the bank's regulations, laws and strategic plan
I have confidence that the regulations and instructions are applied fairly
I have a look at the amendments contained in the law amending the law of the bank for the year 2022
Third section: Flexibility
There's flexibility at the start and end times.
Senior management encourages open door policy to listen to proposals
Fourth section: Development, training and institutional capacity building
The bank has a clear policy for training courses that include all employees
General satisfaction ratio
General satisfaction ratio